kinds of gold and metal detectors ?

  • Sensor gold detectors:

or long-range scanning devices, and they are one of the most crucial devices that might make it difficult to conduct an accurate search. These gadgets can detect gold in the vicinity of you or in the ocean where it is located. One of the most important characteristics of this kind of device is that it can explore minerals even if they are well and deeply buried, accommodating an accurate search range of up to 40 meters underground. It covers a large area, possibly reaching 2000 meters in some devices.

it is used for :

Identifying the locations of archaeological burials and buried treasures, regardless of their age, by detecting all metals (including gold, silver, platinum, and bronze).

The most well-known sensor detection devices are: Mega Scan Pro), which is one of the world’s strongest sensors.

  • -Electromagnetic gold detectors:

They are devices whose function is to sense the presence of the metal and send electromagnetic signals originating from the ground to the device containing information related to the type of metal that was captured, whether it was gold, silver, or diamond. They rely on the formation of an invisible magnetic field that extends around the ground to be searched, forming an electromagnetic circumference.


  • finding outdated coins
  • discovery of little artifacts
  • Imaging gold detectors:

Dedicated search sensors are used in a comprehensive ground scanning and imaging procedure for this kind of device. The 3D Imaging Gold Detector targets buried objects, which require extreme accuracy and analysis to prospect and capture these minerals. The results of this search are frequently displayed through an explicative display attached to the device, the excavation results are displayed in three dimensions, and the prospector then analyzes the results to obtain detailed information.


  •   Mineral identification in hard rocky minerals
  • Searching for buried metals on the battlefield, such as jewelry, valuable swords, and daggers.
  • Finding metals beneath more than 25 meters down.

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