The Benefits of Metal Detecting

Metal Detecting

The Benefits of Metal Detecting

Metal Detecting Many hobbies have extra benefits that come along for the ride.  When a person goes jogging as a fitness hobby, they are getting an improved cardiovascular system, improved stamina, less chance of heart issues…etc.  They also get to enjoy the outdoors, perhaps a jogging partner to go along with them.

Metal detecting is no different.  In one of my earlier blogs, I mention how coin-collecting is a secondary hobby that you might not even know you liked – until you start metal detecting anyways.  They both tie into each other fairly effortlessly, it is like a marriage of hobbies almost.

Other than secondary hobbies, what are some actual benefits that come directly from metal detecting?  That is what we will be taking a look at today. Let’s get started!

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Probably one of the greatest aspects of metal detecting is that you get to spend time outside.  It does not always have to be the same old scenery either. One day you can head a few blocks to your local park or school grounds (if allowed).  The next you can head further out to a lake, beach, or mountain setting. If you prefer to be alone and away from people when you hunt, there are a plethora of old relics sites waiting to be found in backcountry.  The sky is really the limit as long as metal detecting is allowed in that area. Almost every single state has wonderful scenery within an hour or two drive from ANY location on the map. Take advantage of it. Other people do, and where people are, drops are.

Just look at all of that area to detect!!!

History Metal Detecting

You might not have liked history as a child in school, but metal detecting will change that in a heartbeat.  Like coin-collecting, the historical aspect of metal detecting is almost a forced second hobby. There is no way around it – you will be Googling those dates on the old coins.  You will be researching for the when-where-why of those old relics that pop up. You will enjoy it!

There are detectorists from the Civil War and Colonial sites that are pulling up inscribed tokens and jewelry.  Names and dates etched into them. A few times actually reuniting the item with a family member generations later.  How rad is that? It really does make you look at history in a whole new light, when you are the one retrieving it from the ground.    


While nobody is going to be shedding pounds or getting buff, there is a bit of exercise that goes into metal detecting.  You are constantly swinging a 3-pound weight (or heavier in many cases) side to side. That may not seem like much, but it can be fatiguing enough to get you to switch arms after a few hours.  When your arms are burning, it means they are getting that workout.

Metal Detecting

What about the lower body?  Kneeling down to dig a hole works those legs and back muscles.  And last but not least, you can get quite a workout on a deeper coin in hard soil.   As a matter of fact, you may just break a sweat going for a 6-7 inch coin in rough dirt with a had digger.  If the location is close enough to home – might as well walk there!


Alright, let’s get down to it.  The one thing everybody loves the most about this hobby is the chance to find that home run item.  An old coin – a gold ring – a historical relic. This is the hobby that can make you gasp for air when that bucket list item pops out of the ground.  Even if it is not a rare item worth hundreds or thousands, just the fact that we can go grab enough clad to pay for morning coffee is enough to put a smile on most people faces.

Like I have said 100X before, you will most likely never get rich in this hobby.  However, you will probably find an item or 3 that really make you smile and do a little dance.  Just make sure nobody is watching if you dance like I do.

My bucket list item – a 1940 Walker dug in 2017.


It does not matter if it is your online metal detecting forum – or your local club – there is always a new friend ready to be met in this hobby.  Somebody out there uses your detector, and somebody lives near you who detects that is either online or part of that local club. For the most part, the people in this hobby are very friendly, very generous, and love to tutor and mentor new users. for maore information visit our chanel on YouTube

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Also, if you already have plenty of friends, why not introduce them to your hobby?  Many people prefer having somebody detect with them if not just for the safety aspects of the buddy system.  Ask a friend or family member if they would like to go with you. You just might be surprised at how much they enjoy it, and you will have a new hunting partner to watch your back in the less than awesome parts of town.  Win-win!

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