With all its new settings and features, multiple operating frequencies, plus 7 optional coils to choose from, the rugged new Nokta Anfibio Multi metal detector will be your best detecting buddy. Whether you are at a park, ancient field or beach, searching for coins, relics or jewelry, the Anfibio Series will deliver superior depth, speed and performance.

There is no need to navigate through multiple screens in frustration – the Anfibio’s unique menu design, divided into mode, settings and options (Mode, Settings, Options), is very easy to use and saves valuable detection time.

The Nokta | Makro Anfibio Multi is the latest model from Nokta | Makro. A multi-frequency metal detector, which has three different frequencies. (5kHz, 14kHz and 20kHz) This makes the Anfibio a detector for all search areas.

Easy to use, single menu design!

Anfibio Multi has 9 search programs
The Anfibio has 9 different search programs
– Gen / All Metals
– 2 audio tones
– 3 audio tones
– 4 audio tones
– 5 audio tones
– 99 audio tones
– Beach / Beach mode. Very stable operation in dry and damp sand and under water.
– Deep (extra depth)
– Cache / Static mode

New EU D function
More underground depth – Detect certain types of metals that are masked by soil conditions and / or in edge depths.

Anfibio: Waterproof up to 5 meters underwater!
The Anfibio Multi is completely waterproof up to 5 meters and protected against total dust penetration.

High-speed response
The Anfibio Multi is characterized by its response time and retune speed. This can become very important when multiple objects are very close together and you don’t want individual objects to be overrun. Many metal detectors will show objects that are close together (to within a few centimeters) as one object without recognizing that there are multiple objects. The Anfibio Multi never misses an object as the reaction and recovery speed are really super fast!

Depth range
The Anfibio Multi is currently one of the most powerful detectors in our range. The depth performance always depends on the type of soil, the soil conditions, the size of the object and your settings.

Online firmware software update system
The Anfibio Multi was developed in such a way that it can always be kept up to date. As soon as the developers release a new update (firmware), you can install it online via USB on the Anfibio Multi metal detector.

Nokta | Détecteur de métaux Macro Anfibio Multi

Digital detector with number identification
The Anfibio Multi is a very sturdy (1.7 kg) digital metal detector on which you can easily read the conductance values ​​(metal type or object type) on the display. The conductance values ​​are shown as numbers 1-99 in the middle of the display. So you can see directly what kind of metal or object it is. For example, the numbers 0 to 15 stand for iron, number 50 for gold and number 65 for a euro coin, etc.

Numerical object discrimination
The Anfibio Multi can filter out unwanted metals / objects. Unwanted objects can easily be masked out using a discriminator. This function is often used to exclude small iron parts such as nails, beer coasters and tension rings etc. from the search. For example, you can then filter out all objects with the object identification number (conductance) of “30” or less (small iron parts depending on the value).

Notch and Notch V.

In addition to the discriminator, the notch function offers the possibility of filtering out certain conductance values, eg only numbers 21 and 33. The notch discrimination is therefore even more precise than the discriminator 01-99. Notch V. is a function with which you can adjust the sound of the filtered out one.

Iron Audio and Tone Break
Iron Audio is a feature that allows you to adjust the tone of iron objects. You can raise the tone to better spot iron. You can also turn off the sound completely so as not to be annoyed by annoying little iron noises in scrapped areas. It is best to switch on the Iron Audio sound when you want to know whether the object contains iron or is made of iron. Incidentally, the Anfibio Multi also has a tone break function.

iSAT Threshold
The iSAT Threshold function (Intelligent Self-Adjusting Threshold) allows you to set a background tone, so that you can better hear / perceive the very small and / or very deep objects that you would otherwise not hear! The background tone is very quiet and stable and not annoying. This function is also ideally suited to mineralized soils and other difficult soil conditions.

Object identification with different audio tones (150Hz-700Hz)
In addition to the modern digital guide values, the Anfibio detector also has the object identification of audio tones. This means that you will get different audio tones for each type of metal / object. With a little practice you can determine which type of metal / object it is based on the tones.

Nokta | Détecteur de métaux Macro Anfibio Multi

Pinpoint function and depth
display The Anfibio has a very precise pinpoint function, with which you can locate the object precisely and dig out the object faster and more precisely. You can also read the approximate depth of the object in the display.

Reading the mineralization
With this metal detector you can easily read the magnetic mineralization of the soil. High mineralization soils are known to be difficult soil types / conditions for a metal detector. In difficult ground conditions, the maximum results and depth ranges with most metal detectors are extremely limited. The Anfibio shows you the mineralization and (with the right settings) you can achieve optimal results with the Anfibio in these difficult soil conditions.


In addition to audio tones and object ID on the display, the Anfibio also has a vibration function. Vibration is ideal for the hearing impaired as well as for underwater detection.

Display backlighting and key backlighting
The Anfibio has a backlighting in the display and key backlighting, so that a carefree search in the dark is possible.

Automatic and manual ground leveling + ground adjustment
In addition to automatic and manual ground balancing, the Anfibio also has a “ground track”. Ground adaptation means that the metal detector automatically adapts itself as soon as you step on a different type of soil. The ground adjustment function continuously scans the ground and adapts itself automatically to the ground conditions. With this function you can continuously and automatically adjust your metal detector to the ideal ground conditions. Ground adjustment is different from automatic ground compensation. The latter means that at some point you will need to adjust the detector in order to perform the automatic floor balancing. If you do the “Ground Track.” Use function, this also has a positive effect on the depth range,

Frequency switches
Electronics and / or other metal detectors can interfere and malfunction if they work together with other detectors at a similar frequency. To prevent this, the Anfibio offers a digital frequency switch with which you can change the frequency. This way you can easily search in one field / close together with your friends and with several metal detectors at the same time.

The Anfibio has a memory for your settings. The detector retains your settings even when you switch it on and off.

New design spool
The new waterproof 28 cm (11 “) spool offers the extra depth and coverage you’re looking for!

Retractable sturdy pole
The triangular telescopic pole can be pushed together to 76cm (30 “). Ideal for easy transport, storage and diving!

Built-in Lipo battery 
Simply charge with the supplied charger. Provides up to 19 hours of use. The battery level indicator is always on the display at a glance.

2.4 GHz wireless headphones

The Anfibio is supplied with a 2.4 GHz headset. The wireless headphones from Nokta | Makro impress with their very good sound quality, response time and features. There is no delay in the signal. The tones are reproduced as they are output by the detector.