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Blackdog Max Coil 13×13 Inch DD for Garrett Ace Apex Metal Detector

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Blackdog Max Coil 13×13 Inch DD for Garrett Ace Apex Metal Detector

In terms of developing metal detectors, Blackdog has opened up a new universe, including coils customized for various brands.

One of the most eagerly awaited new releases this year has without a question been the Garrett Apex. Blackdog has designed and produced a coil specifically to improve all of the detector’s standard characteristics.

Due to their huge size of 33 x 33 cm (13″ x 13″), our coils allow you to search more thoroughly and cover a larger area.

Without a doubt, adding a Blackdog coil to your detector will make a significant improvement.

The materials we utilize to create our coils are of the finest caliber and are comparable to those employed by various security forces throughout the globe.

The search coils for Blackdog metal detectors are interchangeable with the detector models of the major market brands. The Blackdog coils have been designed to significantly increase the depth and area of search for objects in areas where objects have previously been searched for with standard coils included in the various brands of detectors on the market.

UV-treated ABS plastic that is high impact. 99 percent pure copper winding for improved electrical conductivity. To increase the «Q» factor, which results in a larger magnetic field and a deeper detector, the quality of the winding is crucial. The cable is custom-made and has a protective covering 99 percent of its inside surface. To keep it from separating when subjected to pulls, it is further reinforced with textile fibers. To survive high temperatures without losing its qualities, the resin employed is an epoxy type with UV protection and a very high glass transition coefficient (TG).

Temperatures beyond 120 degrees are no match for our resin. All of Blackdog coils go through a post-curing procedure in a unique oven to ensure that the resin keeps its properties despite the temperature variations that the coils are exposed to. To get the most out of our goods, each of our coils is carefully tuned utilizing oscilloscopes and laboratory equipment.


  • Double D coil for improved discrimination and target location.
  • Improved penetration in the mineralized ground or beneath ceramics.
  • More stability, allowing the detector’s sensitivity to be increased.
  • The coils are double shielded with low capacitance graphite, which eliminates electrical interference and false signals in wet terrain, wet grass, rubbing against plants, and wet sandy beaches.
  • Dish which is completely submersible and waterproof
  • Depending on the type of detector, depth can be increased by up to 70% when compared to standard coils.
  • A coil protector is included.
  • Depending on the detector model, the winding may differ.
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