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DEUS II WS6 master  power in its most agile form!

All the performance of the DEUS II WS6 master, in its lightest and most compact configuration. Once the coil, WS6 module, headphones and pinpointer are paired, they communicate with each other wirelessly and without latency using the XP patented radio protocol system. This means that the target signals generated by the coil are quickly transmitted to the headphones without any delay, giving the WS6 MASTER unparalleled speed and accuracy. The WS6 MASTER performs extremely well in all terrain and conditions. As good on land as on the beach thanks to the FMF® (Fast Multi Frequency) technology.

DEUS II WS6 MASTER Detector with 28 FMF Coil (11″), WS6 headphones, stem mount, ENGLISH Manual.

XP continues to lead the way in metal detection technology, pushing boundaries to deliver precisely what detectorists demand for optimal results in various environments—be it inland, freshwater, or saltwater—thanks to their Fast Multi-Frequency (FMF®) technology.

XP’s approach isn’t to compromise on the quality of their detectors to meet a price point. Instead, they meticulously engineer detectors to meet specifications without cutting corners, emphasizing attention to detail.

Upon pairing the three or two main components by entering a serial number, XP’s patented wireless protocol enables target signals from the search coil to be instantly transmitted to either a built-in speaker or headphones—free from delays, distinct from standard Bluetooth technology with its ‘low latency’.

Couple this innovative technology with XP’s patented super lightweight telescopic ‘S’ stem. The patented handle/stem assembly allows stems to slide within each other, ingeniously housed within the ‘S-shaped handle—a design that sets XP apart from other manufacturers who often contend with less comfortable and sometimes flimsy alternatives while attempting to work around XP’s patent.

Customize your DEUS II WS6 master experience by selecting from a variety of coil sizes, opting for the remote control or the compact WS6, a combined unit featuring headphones and a “mini” remote control. Choose between WS6 or WS6 as a Master and complement your selection with either WSA II or the larger WSA II-XL headphones. For added versatility, users can mount the WS6 Master onto the XP wristband or XP Stem Support accessory, bypassing the need for the remote control.

All components of the Deus II are Li-Po rechargeable, with USB charging options for convenience—whether through mains, vehicle, cigar lighter, power pack, or solar panel. XP stands by the durability of their product, offering a 5-year warranty on all main components (excluding batteries, chargers, and leads, which have a two-year warranty). As a certified ‘Longtime’ company, XP is committed to designing products for longevity, exemplifying forward-thinking practices and maintaining an outstanding reputation.


Upgraded audio interface: Choice of audible tones, four amplified audio outputs, multi-band equaliser ad¬justable on each output: Loudspeaker, wireless and wired headphones, bone conduction headphones.

A product designed to last: Five-year warranty parts and labour, USB updatable via the internet.

Audio headphones developed and manufactured by XP in France, designed specifically to meet de¬tecting requirements: no audio latency, automatic On/Off, sophisticated processor allowing the user to configure from the remote control.

Wireless headphones WS6 with a removable module (Puck) can become the Master in place of the remote control (RC). It fits on an optional XP wristband or stems support accessory.

WS6 MASTER (+WSA II or WSA II-XL): The WS6 has a graphic screen and virtually all the controls available on RC.

S telescopic ergonomic stem that can be collapsed or extended in an instant as there are no wires.

Built to last – 5 years warranty.


FMF® Fast simultaneous Multi-Frequency.

Ultra-efficient circuitry.

Wireless through XP radio patented protocol (not Bluetooth).

Lightest and most ergonomic detector from just 750g.

Designed for land, beach and underwater, both fresh and saltwater.

Wireless headphones have three options.

Optional, waterproof bone-conduction headphones up to 20 m.

Waterproof coil.

Target ID numbers are clearly shown.

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