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The EQUINOX Series is the all-terrain multi-purpose detector that obsoletes all single frequency VLF detectors. Equally adaptable for all target types and ground conditions… just select your detecting location and go!

Multi-IQ multi-frequency technology
The first metal detector that has Multi-IQ multi-frequency technology with which the detector works simultaneously on all frequencies. The Equinox 800 has a 5kHz, a 10 kHz search frequency, a 15 kHz search frequency, a 20 KHz and a 40 kHz search frequency. You can choose to search on a single frequency or on multi-IQ. The Equinox 800 searches for all frequencies at the same time. The advantage of a low 5 kHz frequency is that the detector has a larger depth range and the advantage of a 40 kHz search frequency is that the detector is more sensitive to small parts and gold (nuggets). The Multi-IQ combines the best of all five frequencies!

Why Multi-IQ?

The detectors of the Vanquish series, together with those of the Equinox series, are the only detectors in the world that have Multi-IQ technology. With this revolutionary new technology, you have the combined performance of multiple detectors in one – they all work for you at the same time! Just switch it on and get started.

What does Multi-IQ mean?

Multi-IQ means that the detector searches on several frequencies at the same time. Where other detectors only have a single search frequency (e.g. 14 kHz), the Equinox offers multi-frequency technology and searches on all frequencies between 5 to 40 kHz simultaneously! The advantage of this is that a low search frequency provides much greater depth performance than high frequency detectors, now combined with the advantages of high frequencies, which makes detectors much better able to detect gold and small parts than low frequency detectors.

An example:

If you have a detector with a search frequency of 5 kHz, you will probably be able to find larger objects very deep, but you will often miss smaller pieces of gold. If you have a detector with a search frequency of 40 kHz, you will be able to find the smallest gold chain, gold nuggets and earrings very well, but with less depth power; and therefore miss the larger, lower-lying objects again. As the Equinox 800 searches on all these frequencies simultaneously, you will never miss any more objects and you will always have optimal depth performance!

Completely waterproof up to 3 meters under water, suitable for fresh and salt water, also carefree probing in the rain.

Search Modes
The Equinox 800 has 4 search modes. A search mode for parks, one for fields, one for beach and one for gold.

Minelab Equinox 800 also for the gold nugget search!
Built-in bluetooth + wifi WM08 radio system  including radio headphones
The Minelab Equinox 800 has a built-in bluetooth + wifi WM08 wireless system including wireless headphones. There is also a connection for an optional cable headphone or underwater headphones. There is also the  adjustable  volume directly on the detector for built-in loudspeakers and cable headphones
Built-in Li-ion battery
The Equinox 800 has a built-in Li-Ion battery that is rechargeable with a magnetic USB port. The battery life is approx. 10 – 12 hours until a charge is necessary. You can also charge the Equinox via USB via a power bank while searching, so you can search and charge at the same time!
Weight and search coils
The weight of the Minelab Equinox metal detector is only 1.3 kg! And that with a strong, large 11-inch double-D search coil.
Optionally there is also a 6 inch spool and a large 15 x 12 inch spool.
The ground balance can be carried out both automatically and manually. The manual ground balance is important for difficult ground conditions.
Reaction speed
The reaction speed of the Equinox detector is extremely fast. This is very important to see if there are several objects next to each other. You never miss an object again! The recognition and separation of the different types of metal is perfect!
Object identification
The Equinox has an object identification in guide values, which can be easily read on the display during the search. The conductance values ​​run from -9 to 0 for iron objects and from 0 to 40 for the detection of more valuable objects, whereby silver objects have higher conductance values ​​and gold objects, for example, a medium-high conductance value. Of course, you can also hide the iron objects from -9 to 0 with the discrimination function.
Display lighting
The Equinox series has backlighting, perfect for searching in twilight or dark areas.
Pinpoint function

There is also a pinpoint function for recording the exact location. With the help of the pinpoint function, you can dig out the objects quickly and easily. It is also possible to update the Equinox software via USB.

Scope of delivery:


  • Minelab Equinox 800 metal detector with 28cm / 11 “DD search coil
  • Built-in bluetooth + wifi WM08 radio system  including radio headphones
  • USB cable
  • operation manual
  • 2 year warranty
  • And 1 year additional manufacturer warranty
Search frequency  5kHz, 10kHz, 15kHz, 20kHz, 40kHz and multi
technology  Multi-IQ and 5FX8
Type metal detector  Digital
service  Pushbuttons
Number of search modes  2x park, 2 x field, 2 x beach and 2 x gold mining modes
Search coil 28cm / 11 "double-D search coil
Weight metal detector  1.34 kg
Adjustable rod length  approx. 106-129cm, adjustable
Adjustability and shape of the linkage  Easily adjustable, with a round rod.
Control unit (electronics) watertight  Completely waterproof, up to 3 m under water
Headphone jack  Yes, 3mm jack connector, and it is also a waterproof connector for Minelab's waterproof headphones.
Built-in wireless module  Yes, for the supplied Bluetooth headphones from Minelab.
target group  Beginners, advanced, gold prospecting and searching in the water
Type and number of batteries  Li-Ion battery, located in the handle
Battery life  10 to 12 hours
Readable battery level indicator  Yes, in 3 stages
Readable depth range  Yes, in 5 stages
Soil mineralization can be read on the display  No
Ground balance  Yes, manual, automatic and tracking
Sensitivity (sensitivity adjustment)  Yes, 1 to 25
Pinpoint function  Yes
Discrimination of unwanted objects  Yes
Notch filter  Yes
Notch volume  No
Object identification through audio tones (metal type recognition)  Yes, 1, 2, 5, or 50 tones
Object identification readable on the display (metal type recognition)  No
Conductance display (metal type detection)   Yes, from -9 to 40 (-9 to 0 is iron, and 1 to 40 is non-ferrous.)
Recovery speed (reaction time)  Very fast, adjustable in 8 levels
Volume control  Yes, 0 to 25
Display lighting  Yes, to 3 different brightnesses
Backlight push button  No
Search coil lighting  No
Vibration as a metal detector signal  No
Online software update  Yes
Frequency changer  Automatic interference suppression
Threshold (background tone)  Yes, 0 to 25
Operating software in different languages Everything with symbols (universal)
Depth range of small objects (1 Chf )  40 cm
Maximum depth range large objects  1.5 m
Suitable for use on the coast  Yes
Suitable for wading (completely underwater)  Yes
Suitable for diving  Yes, up to 3 meters
Suitable for mineralized soils  Yes
Suitable for wet salty soils (by the sea)  Yes
Suitable for finding gold nuggets (Africa, Australia)  Yes
Other additional functions  
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