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Gold Kruzer

Nokta makro gold kruzer detector is a new gold detector with its high quality design, new technology and great effectiveness in discovering gold and natural gold nuggets.

Nokta gold kruzer is designed to operate at a frequency of 61 kHz. This frequency has proven to be effective with the natural gold nuggets in the ground, giving the best sensitivity to small pieces of gold.


Operating at 61kHz high frequency, the Gold Kruzer will bring hunted out gold fields back to life by offering the best sensitivity to tiniest nuggets. Apart from its exceptional performance in harsh ground conditions and hot rocks, its robust and waterproof design makes the Gold Kruzer the most advanced gold and micro jewelry metal detector on the market.

    • Fully submersible up to 5 meters (16.4ft.)
      Protected from total dust ingress.
    • Excellent Discrimination and Unmasking Ability
      Just detect those wanted gold targets and ignore iron.
    • High Performance & Unmatched Depth
      Uncover deep gold nuggets or micro jewelry other detectors simply cannot detect.
    • 4 Search Modes
      Gen (All Metal) / Fast / Boost / Micro

Gold Kruzer Africa

    • NEW E.U.D. Function
      Extra Underground Depth – Detect small gold nuggets masked by hot rocks and/or at fringe depths.
    • 2.4 GHz Wireless Headphones Included*
      Enjoy wireless freedom with no latency.
    • Online Firmware Updates
      Stay up-to-date with firmware updates (via USB on PC) and get the most out of your detector.

Gold Kruzer Suda

  • Lightweight (1.4kg / 3.0Ibs)
    Enjoy detecting for extended hours without fatigue.
  • Built-in Lipo Battery
    Easily charge it with the supplied charger or a USB powerbank. Provides up to 19 hours of use.
  • The Gold Cruzer device works at frequency Running 61 kHz with four search modes:
  1. Mode to search for all metals “gen”
  2. Fast search mode “Fast”
  3. Enhanced search mode “boost”
  4. Micro-search mode “Micro”
  • The Makro Gold Cruzer device works on three levels to know the target’s depth, as the depth level displayed by the device can be set to the detected target,  the device works naturally underwater as it is waterproof
  • Three levels to measure the depth of the target as you can adjust the depth level that the device displays the TARGET ID for a detected target
  • The Macros Gold Cruiser works underwater for depths of 2 meters
  • The device operates at a frequency of operation of 61 kHz to detect the nuggets of gold and natural gold
  • Contains two search plates to one is the GK 26C Plate with a dimension of 14X26 cm and the other is The GK 19 Plate is with a dimension of 19X10 cm
  • Detect precious metal only and discard iron metal
  • High performance and depth of good where the Macro Gold Kruzer device can discover the deepest nuggets of natural and raw gold or pieces of jewelry and small ornaments that can’t be detected by another device
  • New E.D.U Feature: the (extra depth underground) feature provides the ability to detect types of minerals that can’t be captured because of the natural conditions of the earth in a specific place
  • Fast response speed: Gold Kruzer provides a quick response to the signals coming from various targets and thus helps the user to find goals that the competing devices can’t reach, especially in areas where the scrap and iron
  • A special lithium-polymer battery which can be easily shipped via the charger and lasts 19 hours of continuous work
  • Updating the device software via the Internet where updates can be downloaded via the company’s website and the device software is updated via the cable extension supplied with the device
  • The Device is lightweight “1.4 kg only”, which allows the user comfort and comfortable use of the device without the hassle or fatigue

Nokta makro gold kruzer metal detector includes a set of predefined settings called search modes. They designed according to certain values according to the purpose of the search and according to terrain and the nature of the metal objects. Nokta gold kruzer has four detecting modes, which are the following: General search mode (all metals) [GEN]: It is suitable for searching different metals without discrimination. Micro search mode: The best mode dedicated for the smallest granules of raw gold. Fast mode: It is a suitable mode for the quick search for gold in the wide area. Boost Mode: It is suitable for accurate search for the various objects.

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