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the best for detecting antique coins and small pieces of gold, ease of use and accuracy in results.

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Impact Pro

• Uncover deep hidden treasures with the new IMPACT Multi Frequency Metal Detector by Nokta! The IMPACT combines multiple detectors in one and utilizes cutting edge technology, enabling a unique yet easy-to-use detector experience for new to experienced detectorists.
• The IMPACT boasts (12) search modes designed to hunt out different targets such as coins, relics and deep treasure caches. It also operates extremely well in different terrains including (but not limited to) wet beach sand and parks, allowing you to search without any further adjustment if you wish.
• Featuring (3) powerful operating frequencies, online firmware update (via PC USB) capability and robust design. If you are looking for depth and advanced discrimination ability, the IMPACT – just like its name – will make a great impact on your future detecting finds.

Impact Pro gold detector

The Impact gold detector is the best for detecting antique coins and small pieces of gold, ease of use and accuracy in results.

If you are looking for a device that guarantees good depth searches with the feature of distinguishing between minerals, then this device is your preferred option and it is a device that will leave a strong positive impact on your future exploratory trips to search for gold and treasures.

Impact Pro gold detector is the first device of its kind to feature multiple search frequencies within one device for the first time, with 12 dedicated search modes, as these modes are designed for different situations and conditions to explore and hunt multiple types of targets such as gold treasures, money, ferrous metals and in all types of different terrain such as rocky lands and agricultural soils, and even on beaches and near rivers. All of the above makes the Impact gold detector as an integrated device that combines more than one metal detector in one easy-to-use device and with modern technology for all the needs of amateur and professional prospectors. The device includes three different search frequencies with the feature of updating the device software via the Internet (by computer) and other technical features

The device also features a luxurious modern design with light weight, ease of disassembly, installation and portability, with easy to change settings, choose search systems, and other options through the simple design of the menus.


Impact metal detector has 12 preset modes for searching. Each search mode includes different setting and value that matches with the objective and practical application. You will find that one of the searching modes can be used for searching at a deeper depth and some other search modes are suitable for searching for very small targets, such as precious metals, iron, etc. The search modes in the Impact device can be detailed as follows: All metal search mode GEN All metal with an audio discrimination GEN (D) Two-tone discrimination mode- DI2 Three-tone discrimination mode -DI3 Four-tone discrimination mode -DI4 Multi-tone discrimination mode -DI99 Conductive ground mode – COG Deep search mode – DEEP Coin search mode with noise reduction – VLX1 Relic search mode – VLX2 Static search mode without movement of the coil – STA Static search mode without movement of the coil with an audio discrimination STA (D)

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