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for detecting gold, metals, coins and precious treasures with the 3D direct imaging system

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Invenio Pro

• Invenio is the first and single revolutionary step taken towards turning a dream into reality in the metal detector industry!
• Invenio represents one of the most dramatic advances in metal detection technology since conventional metal detectors first appeared on the market in the 1930s. While many new features and advancements in technology have been introduced since, Invenio provides the first major step forward in meeting consumer expectations.
• While the competition has simply pushed the existing patents and technology forward; none have gone much beyond generating basic beeps and IDs for targets.

On the other hand, users have been expecting a lot more from a detector:

1. To discover deeper targets.
2. To know what type of a metal the detected target is.
3. To see the real depths of targets.
4. The see the real shapes of targets.
5. To determine the dimensions of targets.
6. To detect ground anomalies/cavities.
• Nokta Makro Detectors, since its foundation, has been taking steps towards turning this dream of users into reality. After years of extensive Research & Development and advanced engineering studies, Nokta & Makro has achieved the development of the world’s first Smart Detector & Imaging system – the Invenio. Nokta & Makro owns the whole technology and know-how used in the Invenio for which 3 different patents are applied for.
• Invenio is designed as a platform that can be advanced and it is planned to be integrated with all hobby detectors (coin and relic) as well as gold nugget detectors in the future.
• Developed by Nokta Makro Detectors, the IPTU unit, with the help of the integrated sensors, computes the right-left, forward-back movements of the search coil precisely and determines its location and height above the ground. With the IPTU sensor, you can follow the start and finish points of the scanned area and view the locations of detected targets. In addition, you can determine the width and the length of the scanned area, the target depth and shape as well as the dimensions with the help of the IPTU sensor.

Static Search Modes

Search Modes
Invenio Metal Detector has a variety of different search modes that are suitable for specific search applications.

The search modes in the device are divided into two main categories:

1- Static Search Modes
That search mode does not require any movement of the search coil in order to obtain results at all because the device will make a sound even when the coil is above a certain object and without the need for the motion of coil.

In this case, the intensity of the sound will be close to the coil more than the close between the target and the surface of the ground.

It is recommended to use static search modes to detect metal targets of relatively large size and at more depth in comparison to dynamic search modes.

Static modes have three modes:

Basic search mode
Expert search mode
Ground Anomaly & Cavity

Dynamic Search Modes

Dynamic search modes require coil movement for performing scanning.

The user must move the search coil to the right, left, right, and backward movement in order to scan correctly.

You have to know that if the disc is not moved, the device will not produce any sound response even if the coil is directly above the metal target.

Dynamic search modes are recommended for discovering small-sized targets, like coins and small ornaments, such as rings and others, at smaller depths

Invenio has three dynamic search modes:

All Metal Mode
ast mode
Deep search mode

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