Lorenz Deep Max Z2

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The Lorenz Deep Max Z2 is a metal detector designed with professional treasure hunters and archaeologists in mind, providing high sensitivity and accurate detection results, as well as improved depth capabilities compared to its predecessor, the Deep Max Z1.

With its advanced features and ease of use, the DeepMax Z2 is an excellent tool for locating metal objects in various environments, including historical battlefields and other areas of interest.


Data Logger Unit
A Data Logger unit is combination of Hard/Software developed by Lorenz Detecting Systems is first of all easy to use, very accurately working and affordable. Only three controls of the DEEPMAX Z2 will make data acquisition a pleasure for both beginners and professionals like engineers, geologists, archaeologists, scientists and many more.

A very sophisticated multi-channel data logger function of the DEEPMAX Z2 metal detector will take simultaneously different channels of data when passing the ground with several tracks and stores the information into memory

After recording field data, the scientific Surfer Software easily and accurately transforms the stored data into color, contour, surface, image or vector maps on a computer in minutes.

An additional Lorenz Scripter Software will therefore automatically generate twelve maps with each field. Six are two-dimensional and six three-dimensional. The operator can therefore choose between different gridding and mapping methods. The LORENZ. The users will investigate mainly for waste disposal, meteorites, or lost aircrafts. No non- sense functions will confuse the operator. Six different maps will be generated simultaneously when covering the ground with multiple tracks. Each scan/ map is different depending on the electronic analysis method and therefore will not only give different sensitivity ranges but can be the key to the probable kind of metal buried in the ground.

Search Coils
Different search coils can be connected to the Lorenz Deep Max Z2 for special search and location purposes. In general, small search coils offer great detection depths on small metal objects while large search coils offer the highest possible detection depths on big objects. The possible detection depths also depend on the setting of the detector, the kind of metal and the shape of the metal object and slightly on the type of ground below the search coil

The following search coil are included in the package:

1 m x 1 m frame coil with cable mounted on tubes
35cm search coil

Pulse GBS (Ground Balancing System): This technology allows the detector to operate in highly mineralized soils and saltwater without compromising performance.

PST (Pulse Shaping Technology): This feature enhances the depth and sensitivity of the device, allowing for more accurate and reliable detection.

VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator): The VCO generates an audio signal that is proportional to the strength of the detected metal, allowing for easy identification of the type of metal.

Easy-to-use controls: The device has simple and intuitive controls, making it easy for beginners to use.

Large coil: The Lorenz DeepMax Z2 comes with a large search coil, allowing for wider coverage and greater depth detection.

Lightweight and portable: The device is lightweight and can be easily transported to different locations, making it ideal for use in the field.

Overall, the Lorenz DeepMax Z2 is a versatile metal detector that can be used for a range of applications, including treasure hunting, relic hunting, and archaeological exploration.



Search technology in Lorenz Deepmax Z2

The metal detection technology of the Lorenz z2 is based on a special pulse induction technology called the Pulse GBS (Pulse GBS).

The working principle is that the current generated by the battery that passes in the search discs through the copper coils (coils) emits a short intense magnetic pulse. Those magnetic pulses produce eddy currents in the conductive materials such as metal objects for example a gold coin, and the eddy currents will remain in the metal body It will gradually fade after stopping the magnetic pulse emitted by the search coil.

That is why it is possible to detect those eddy currents with Lorenz z2 during the delayed receiving period by means of the search coil itself, which now acts as the receiving coil as well.

Rather complex electronic circuits are necessary to detect those small changes in voltage and must separate that particular signal from the interference received as well. The signal must be amplified to power an audio stage using a voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO), which emits an audio signal via headphones.

The Pulse GBS (Ground Balance System) in Lorenz z2 is particularly suitable for research at great depths. The performance of this electronic device is virtually unaffected by salted water, most types of metal surfaces or temperature changes.

PST (Pulse Shaping Technology) has been added to Lorenz z2 metal detector to improve performance and depth capabilities. Complete power management with effective low electromagnetic interference transducers and low self-discharge batteries make the device more flexible for worldwide operation.


Lorenz Deep Max Z2 Standard Package

Control box
Adjustable shoulder and belt strap
Fast charger with wide range 100-240 VAC input
1m x 1m frame coil with carrying straps
Carrying bag for 1m x 1m frame coil
35cm DD- coil
Three rods telescopic S pole
Stereo headphones with an adapter cable
Instruction manual in English
Optional Data-Logger Kit Includes:

Surfer scientific mapping software (single-user license)
Lorenz Scripter software latest version
Z2 USB data transfer cable
Z2 Battery + GPS Module (Power Bank)

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