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Deteknix Scuba Tector provides a limited warranty
to the original purchaser of its products against all
defects in original workmanship and material,
under normal use and service, for one year from
the date of purchase with the following exceptions: • All warranties void if electronic part opened. • Batteries are warranted for 90 days. • Cosmetic discoloration of surfaces. • Water flooding caused from battery cap seal.
Deteknix will not be liable for any further loss,
damages, or expenses, including incidental or
consequential damages directly or indirectly
arising from the sale or use of this product.
• Always make sure battery cap is tightened before
entering the water. Only open battery cap with
clean hand.
• Always store your detector fully charged. • Always rinse equipment in fresh water after
every dive.
• Always apply silicone grease after cleaning Oring. • Only open battery cap by clean hand. • Never leave your equipment in the rinse bucket.
It may be damaged by other equipment



Powered by Li-Po battery

5×4” epoxy resin filled mono coil

LED / Buzzer / Vibration alarm

For 200F/60M underwater operation

Ribbed and ergonomic body

Easy to use two buttons control

Lost alarm

Lanyard attachment loop cap

LED flashlight

In the box

1X Scuba Tector

1X Coil protector/cover

1X Wrist dive band

1X Stainless string spring lanyard

​1X Micro USB cable

​1X Spare O Ring


Protection: 200 ft / 60m under fresh or saltwater 

Length: 42cm 

Weight: 380g 

Thickness: Max 4cm 

Battery: Built in Li-Po rechargeable battery (with USB charger) 

Working Method:Pulse induction 

Operating Frequency: 95 kHz 

Battery life: 14Hrs

Tuning: Automatic or manually (retune) 

Indicators: Audio / Vibration/LED Beam Lights 

RAIT: Ratio Alarm Indication Technology, Response will be intense when probe close to objects. 

Controls: Power switch (On / Off) Mode control, LED flashlight,Re-tune(Once power on)


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