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The All-New X10 is your best choice to start this hobby. It comes with our TurboD double D coil for best performance to handle high mineralized soil or beach hunting. The extreme intuitive operation MENU enables you jump into it with no learning curve. Essential functions include 3+1 searching modes, adjustable target ID and 5 tones.

The Q uest X10 metal detector

The perfect entry-level detector for the whole family (adults, teenagers and children). The Quest has all the specifications that are important for a beginner, such as pinpoint function, conductance display in numbers, floor leveling, display and coil lighting, built-in rechargeable battery, and weighs only 950 grams

State-of-the-art, innovative metal detectors for the whole family!

The built-in lithium battery, which can be charged via USB, is very innovative. The battery life is between 30 and 40 hours! Freeing you up from expensive and not environmentally friendly commercial batteries. Quest is the first manufacturer to  launch metal detectors  with a USB battery . You can your  detector Divide threads through a mains charger,  or  by a  power bank or  a  Solarpad in the outdoors .

The modern design is splashproof. With your X10, you can easily search in any weather.

You don’t need an extra screen protector in heavy rain. This is a big advantage considering that many displays of other detectors are not rainproof. This light 9 x 5 “Turbo D search coil is completely waterproof, which means that you can search with the X10 even with the entire rod length in the water. However, the display is not waterproof and therefore not submersible.

With a weight of approx. 950 g, the X10 is a super light metal detector, ideal if you are on the go with the metal detector all day. This lightweight among detectors is also highly recommended for people with physical limitations or children.

The Quest X10 is a very user-friendly and easy-to-use metal detector, which makes it an ideal device for young and old, experienced and inexperienced. The X10 has important functions including iron discrimination, conductance ID and also an exact pinpointing function to facilitate the excavation of the object.

Quest has a super fast recovery speed. This allows you to scan search fields faster and get the clear signals so that you can recognize perfectly whether there are several objects. The advantage is that you no longer overrun an object!

For you or your kids

The construction is very ergonomic and strong and consists of a three-part linkage. You can easily adjust the boom length to your length. Take you  the means linkage from and it is a perfect detector for your child.

Without a middle linkage, the X10 only weighs 850g. The handle can be attached to the linkage in 3 positions

What can the X10 do more than the X5?
The X10 has display lighting and an additional search mode (custom mode). You can also set the threshold / floating tone on the X10 in All Metal mode. This feature allows you to add a background sound that allows you to hear the signal from small and / or deeper objects. This function enables you to detect small objects at the boundary of the area of ​​your detector. The object identification of the X10 can also be read in 10 segments on the display, and in the X5 in 5 segments. This is how you can discriminate more precisely with the X10. Furthermore, the X10 has 5 audio tones for metal differentiation in contrast to the X5 (2 audio tones).

Scope of delivery:

  • Quest X10 metal detector
  • TurboD Blade search coil 9 x 5 “(22.5 x 12.7cm) with coil protection
  • USB charging cable
  • operation manual
  • 2 year warranty
Search frequency 8 kHz
technology VLF (Very Low Frequency)
Kind of metal detector Digital
service Pushbuttons
Number of search modes 3, all metals, jewelry & coins, and custom mode (self-adjustable mode)
Search coil 9 x 5 “(22.5 x 12.7 cm) waterproof lightweight TurboD Blade spool
Weight metal detector 950g with search coil and 850g without middle linkage
Adjustable boom length 80-130cm
Adjustability and shape of the boom Simple, with a round frame
Control unit (electronics) waterproof Completely rainproof (not suitable for diving)
Headphone jack 3.5mm jack,  which is hidden under the protective cap
Built-in wireless module No
target group Children and beginners
Type and number of batteries Built-in 1,000 mAh Li-Po battery, rechargeable via USB
Battery life +/- 30 hours
Battery level indicator readable Yes, in 3 segments
Depth range can be read Yes, in 4 segments
Soil mineralization can be read on the display No
Ground balance Yes, automatically or manually
Sensitivity Yes, from 1 to 99
Pinpoint function Yes
Discrimination of unwanted objects Yes
Notch filter No
Notch volume No
Object identification by audio tones (metal type detection) Yes (5 different tones)
Object identification can be read on the display (metal type detection) Yes, 10 ID segments
Conductivity display (metal type detection)  Yes, 99 digits that describe the conductance
Recovery speed (response time) Fast, V6 response speed
Volume control Yes
Display lighting Yes
Backlight button No
Search coil lighting Yes
Vibration as a metal detector signal No
Online software update No
Frequency changer No
Threshold (background tone) Yes, only in all metals
Operating software in different languages In English, but very easy to understand
Depth range small objects (1 Euro) +/- 30cm
Maximum depth range for large objects +/- 80cm
Suitable for use on the coast Yes
Suitable for wading (completely under water) No, only the search coil is waterproof
Suitable for diving No
Suitable for mineralized soils -
Suitable for wet salty soils (by the sea) -
Suitable for finding gold nuggets (Africa, Australia) No
Other additional functions - Handle: ergonomic, non-slip surface
- Display: 60 x 45mm LCD
- Working temperature: For best work performance, 0 ° to 35 ° C
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