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The XP GOLD BATEA KIT is a gold prospecting kit manufactured by XP, a French company specializing in metal detecting tools. The kit includes all the tools needed for gold panning and prospecting, from sifting out large materials to extracting fine gold.

Kit Contents:

XP Gold Batea – Gold Classifier:

  • A classifier designed to separate gold from sand and gravel. It comes with an elaborate design that facilitates the washing process and the search for gold effectively.

XP Gold Classifier – Gold Separator:

  • Helps to filter materials and separate large gravel, giving the user a better chance of detecting gold.

XP Gold Pan – Gold Classifier for Beginners:

  • Designed specifically for beginners, this classifier offers an opportunity to acquire gold panning skills easily and effectively.

XP Gold Guzzler bottle – Gold Extraction Bottle:

  • A specialized bottle for extracting gold accurately, making it easy to transport gold after it is found.

2 Gold vials – 2 Gold Vials:

  • Two vials specially designed to store and protect the discovered gold.

Tweezers/magnifier – Tweezers/Magnifier:

  • Small and useful tools for handling gold with great care and examining it closely.

XP Field Guide – Gold Prospecting Field Guide:

  • A useful guidebook containing tips and instructions on how to prospect for gold, written by trusted experts like XP.


  • High efficiency in gold extraction: The innovative bowl and riffle ensure a precise separation of gold from other materials.
  • Easy to use: Easy-to-use and comfortable design for any level of experience.
  • High durability: Made of high-quality materials that can withstand harsh use.
  • Comprehensive set: Provides all the basic tools for gold prospecting.

The XP GOLD BATEA KIT combines high-quality design with reliable performance to meet the needs of gold prospecting enthusiasts, offering an excellent and comprehensive experience for lovers of this exciting hobby.

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