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The F100100C X-ray inspection machine is a large-size security device used to scan baggage for hazardous or prohibited materials.


  • Tunnel Size: 1005 mm (W) x 1000 mm (H) (39.6 x 39.4 in)
  • Dual Energy Technology: This technology allows the machine to generate X-ray images in different colors, which helps to distinguish between different materials.
  • Dual Image Detection System: This system provides more than 20 image processing tools, which helps the operator to identify the materials inside the bag.
  • Low X-ray Leakage: The machine keeps X-ray leakage at 0.1 μg/h, which makes it safe to use in crowded areas.
  • High Load Capacity: The machine can withstand a heavy weight, allowing for the inspection of large or heavy baggage up to 250 kg.


The F100100C X-ray inspection machine is used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Airports
  • Railway stations
  • Ports
  • Military facilities
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Government facilities
  • Private property
  • Malls and stores

The F100100C X-ray inspection machine helps to protect people and property from hazardous or prohibited materials.

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