Garrett PD 6500I

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Garrett PD 6500I Security Inspection Gate

The Garrett PD 6500I Security Inspection Gate is an advanced and effective security screening device that features a robust design and modern technology. This device is widely used in various environments that require high-level security, such as airports, government buildings, industrial facilities, and public places.


  • Advanced Detection Technology: The PD 6500I relies on modern detection technologies to ensure effective metal detection. This includes Automatic Sensitivity Optimization technology that allows the device to adapt to the surrounding environment and optimize its performance.
  • Durable Design: The device features a strong and durable design, made of high-quality materials to ensure stability and longevity. The PD 6500I can withstand various environmental challenges without affecting its performance.
  • Simple User Interface: The PD 6500I boasts a user-friendly interface, making it easy for operators to use. It provides an LCD screen and a simple control panel for quick configuration and effective control.
  • Instant Alerts: The device provides instant alerts in case any metal is detected, helping to effectively and swiftly address security threats.
  • Integrability: The PD 6500I can be easily integrated with other security systems and access control systems to achieve a comprehensive security experience.

Common Applications:

  • In airports to screen passengers and their bags.
  • In government buildings to secure entrances and sensitive areas.
  • In industrial facilities to monitor access and egress.
  • In public places to enhance security at large events.

The Garrett PD 6500I Security Inspection Gate helps protect people and property from dangerous or prohibited materials.

The Garrett PD 6500I Security Inspection Gate is a powerful and versatile security tool that can be used to detect dangerous or prohibited materials. The gate features a wide range of features that make it an effective tool for protecting people and property.

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